March 2012

CNN Reports Home Values at All Time Low

CNN reported today that home values are at an all time low - back to values seen in 2002. This is a great time to get in the market and buy a home. Sacramento area inventory is low since equity... Continue Reading →

The Skinny on the Mortgage Settlement

Here's some great links to some articles around the web for the latest on the government's mortgage settlement. Housing Settlement Details Filed in Court - CNN $25B Foreclosure Settlement Filed in Court - US Files $25B Settlement With Banks... Continue Reading →

FHA Strealime Re-Fi’s Just Got Better!

Yesterday brought us some good news for some homeowners who would love to refinance to the current low rates, but haven't been able to since they are  underwater! HUD, or the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, announced that... Continue Reading →

Short Sales & Valid Hardships…

A common misconception is that anyone at all can qualify for a short sale and not have a valid reason for it, while the truth is that this is most likely the exception to the norm. Although you may know... Continue Reading →

The Think Big Work Small Guys Comment on the Possible Principal Reduction Plan….that’s a lot of P’s…

The Think Big Work Small guys are entertaining to watch...and their comments on the possible upcoming principal reduction "help" leaves you with some good things to think about. Do we REALLY want to entice millions of good homeowners to stop... Continue Reading →

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