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November 2016

Sacramento Affordability….

I came across this interesting article about affordability in Sacramento neighborhoods…if buyers put 20% down on a mortgage, how much would they need to make to live in some neighborhoods around Sacramento? Pretty amazing to see the amount you need these days…prices have definitely gone up over the past few years. Even North Oak Park has a median  home price of $304K from their analysis…needing over $60K in annual income to purchase in an area that used to be tough and is now a blossoming pocket of homes. Makes for an interesting read…and then click on the similar article about San Francisco to make you feel better about Sacramento!

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Things to do when your neighbor lists their home for sale….MSN article

Happy Friday! I read this article and thought it had some valid points to share with you on things to consider when your neighbor lists their home for sale. Hopefully you’ll get a great new neighbor, but, as the article mentions, it’s a great time to see your home from your neighbor’s perspective. Also, from my point of view, spruce up your home a bit and help with property values! Your neighbor’s sale will probably be a comparable for your home value if you’re considering refinancing or selling as well – don’t let your home drag down the neighborhood values!! Have a great weekend!

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