Why Buying New Construction in December Makes ‘Cents’

New home construction tends to sell in the same seasonal pattern that resale homes sell....quick and fast in the spring/summer, and slow in the winter. Buyer demand tends to be low in December. People have tucked in for their winter... Continue Reading →

The sky is falling! Oh wait…it’s really not…

Forbes published a great article HERE today on the current state and forecast of nationwide real estate....which is very similar to Ca & local trends in my opinion. While some articles you may have seen lately focus on the “sky... Continue Reading →

Affordable Housing & CA Rent Control?

Affordable housing is quite the topic these days in local news and real estate circles. With both home prices and rental rates on the rise, finding affordable housing in CA is becoming more and more difficult. Even here in Sacramento,... Continue Reading →

How I Stage My Listings…and Why It Works

I wanted to share with you why I believe in home staging....and what service I offer my clients. Home staging is when an individual hires a design company to bring in furniture, artwork, dishes, etc, and make a home for sale look lived in... Continue Reading →

Kitec Plumbing

The Kitec brand of PEX plumbing is a big disclosure and real estate buzzword these days. It's a type of flexible plastic plumbing supply line that was used in some homes built in 1995-2007 instead of traditional copper which is more expensive but also less... Continue Reading →

Sac Hottest Housing Market in 2017??

Sacramento continues to be pegged as one of the hottest housing markets for 2017. The Bee had an article in November citing claiming Sac as a hot market to watch this year, and a week ago Zillow claimed the... Continue Reading →

The U.S.’ priciest home for sale

Calling all buyers! The United State's most expensive listing just hit the market for a cool $250M in Bel Air, in Southern California. For that price, you get 38,000 square feet, 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms (*wow*), three kitchens, a 40-seat... Continue Reading →

Sacramento Affordability….

I came across this interesting article about affordability in Sacramento neighborhoods...if buyers put 20% down on a mortgage, how much would they need to make to live in some neighborhoods around Sacramento? Pretty amazing to see the amount you need... Continue Reading →

Things to do when your neighbor lists their home for sale….MSN article

Happy Friday! I read this article and thought it had some valid points to share with you on things to consider when your neighbor lists their home for sale. Hopefully you'll get a great new neighbor, but, as the article... Continue Reading →

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