I read this interesting article on Sac Bee about rising home prices and continued low inventory causing buyers to offer on homes over list price. Many buyers can’t compete as they don’t have the cash to pay the variance if the property appraises below the offer price. I thought this was a great article to show what many buyers are currently up against in the local market here in Sacramento.

There’s ways to make your offer more attractive and I’m here to help. Writing a letter to the seller telling the seller who you are and why you love the home never hurts. Getting fully approved with your lender and having proof of funds is a MUST. Knowing about the current marketplace always helps – and that’s where I come in. I’ll help run some comparable property information and help you determine your starting point for the home. We want to make sure your offer is strong, but realistic at the same time.

I’m here for questions if needed! Have a great day!

For the full article, read more HERE.